Healing Flowers

Ram Das flower nFlowers embody the ultimate expression of inner beauty and hold divine wisdom for our souls’ evolution. Just observe how a flower grows – its intricacies, its vulnerabilities, its delicate unfolding. Flowers completely surrender to the universal force that offers them life as they celebrate the opportunity to evolve and become their perfect selves…a model we can all benefit from as we, ourselves, unfold.

Healing Flowers offers in-depth intuitive readings, counseling, and support for individuals looking for a unique and effective way to identify and overcome emotional blocks or limiting thinking. You are gently lead through an inner investigative process and helped to identify what healing support you may need at this time on your spiritual path.

Christine Marie, Certified Master NLP Practitioner, Life Coach and Spiritual Counselor combines her skills as a practitioner with her vast knowledge of flower essences, the chakra system, universal archetypes, pendulum dowsing, herbs and essential oils to create a personalized and transformational healing session which gently leads you,  the client, to discover your own healing wisdom.

Herbal medicine or aromatherapy dropper bottle


“After seeing Christine regarding a deep sadness from my childhood, I came away with a profound peace and acceptance, knowing that the past is indeed past and that my power, my worth and my abilities are ever with me in the present. Christine’s work is founded on a unique and sensitive awareness, which, coupled with a sweet compassion and a deep commitment to living consciously, becomes a powerful tool for all those who will avail themselves of her healing knowledge.” – Mary L., Sacramento, California

“My session with Christine was wonderful! I was able to find clarity, tenderness and direction for an issue that I was experiencing at the time. The flower essences which I received from my session were a healing component which lasted for months after the session. This is a deeply healing and beautiful session that everyone should experience. Thank you, Christine!” – Amy H., Sedona, Arizona

“My experience with Christine was truly magical. She is highly intuitive and skilled at zeroing in on the most pressing issue at hand and then offers gentle, yet truly effective support in moving through that issue. I am continually very pleasantly surprised by the effectiveness of flower essences in helping me break out of seemingly insurmountable stuck places and because of my experience with Christine, have recommended her to my dearest friends and loved ones.” – Alma D., Sedona, Arizona

“I have had life changing breakthroughs in sessions with Christine.  I feel so blessed to have crossed paths with her. She has helped me to release many old negative patterns that do not serve me by using such beautiful visualization techniques and gently speaking to the ego part of myself for understanding and transformation.
She helps you to see where you are blocked and incorporates flower essences and dowsing into her sessions. She has spent many hours with me with such patience and compassion. She radiates with love, which in turn has inspired the essence within myself to reach for my highest soul’s purpose and to love myself full heartedly. I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for the healing sessions I have had with Christine. She truly is a gift to this world and I hope more people can receive this truly powerful healing experience.” – Monique R., San Francisco, California

“I was very pleased with my session with Christine. She made it easy for me to do the work I needed. I had never worked on moving back through a timeline. It was helpful for me to see where I was ‘stuck’ and how, with her assistance, I was able to move on. Thank you so much Christine. I feel freer now!” – Rose F., Camino, California

“I came to Christine because I was suffering from a serious anxiety disorder. I was told by my psychologist that I should take prescription anti-depressants, but for me I knew that was not my path. I knew my mind, body and spirit were crying for help and guidance. Christine helped me through many obstacles that I was faced with at a very important developmental phase of my life. She is like a spiritual guide to me. Her warm, nurturing personality immediately made me feel confident she could help me face my fears. She gave me a few sessions over the phone and in person and all were extremely beneficial. She is so clear and in the moment when you talk to her. Her ability to listen and provide such honest, non-judgmental help makes her someone I feel safe to confide in and open up to. I also came to Christine with relationship issues concerning family and friends. With her help and guidance, I was able to successfully heal these important relationships through peace and love. I honestly would not be where I am today without her help! I continue to seek her counsel to this day and highly recommend her as a healer and spiritual counselor.” – Bridget L., Placerville, California

For more information or for scheduling sessions with Christine Marie, please email


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